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4 Ways a Stainless Steel Linear Walk-In Shower Grates Improves Style Over Plastic-Centre Round Drains

Plastic-centre round walk-in shower drains are fine, but you can upgrade the appearance of your bathroom by using a stainless-steel linear drain instead. These are long and thin, much like gutters instead of traditional drains, and here are just four ways fitting one in your walk-in shower will improve its style.

1. Modern Appearance

The traditional, plastic shower floor drain works well enough, but the plastic is usually of a low grade and doesn't create a very attractive appearance; in fact, plastic is normally used more for its cheap cost than its aesthetic value. Even if you like the initial appearance, your opinion may soon change as the plastic becomes discoloured through regular use. Stainless steel doesn't discolour, and it offers a sleek, clean appearance that works well in modern bathrooms.

2. Minimal Slope

Centre round drains don't actually drain very fast, which is why you'll commonly find yourself standing in a centimetre or so of water when you shower. This means they need to go near the middle of the shower floor, with a significant slope leading towards them to channel water the right way. Linear drains are longer, providing more room for drainage and minimizing the risk of blockages. As such, the floor doesn't need to be sloped as sharply, which provides a more seamless appearance across your bathroom floor.

3. Option to Conceal

If you fit a stainless-steel linear shower grate, you don't actually have to see it at all. Long and thin, linear grates can be put beneath one of the surrounding walls.  A slight gap will be left between the floor and the wall, so water will appear to run under the wall and then drain away. If you want to remove the presence of a drain entirely from your bathroom design, this is the way to go. Again, it's a great option for ultra-modern bathrooms.

4. No Lines 

With a centre round drain, you generally need to use tiles. Since the drain needs to sit near the middle of the shower floor, tiles must be fitted around it. When you use a single piece of stone, rubber, or even plastic, cutting through the tile can present a problem, and creating a slope can be next to impossible. Since a linear drain can be positioned off to the side, you can use one of those single slabs for a seamless shower floor. Most people prefer that unbroken appearance, and it means you won't need to worry about grout lines getting grubby and discoloured over time.

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