How Do Plumbers Find the Sources of Leaks? Four Tried-and-Tested Methods

Detecting and locating leaks is a crucial aspect of any skilled plumber's job. From damp patches on walls to soaring water bills, you might notice leaks in your home but not know the source. Left unchecked, water leaks can cause significant damage and expenses. How do plumbers locate these often elusive leaks? Find out more about the leak detection methods commonly used by Australian plumbers today. 1. Visual Inspections The first and simplest method employed by plumbers for water leak detection is a straightforward visual inspection.

4 Reasons Why You Should Call a Professional Plumbing Repair Service

From slow-draining sinks to clogged toilets, plumbing problems are always inconvenient. When these issues occur, your first impulse might be to tackle the problem yourself — but that's not always the best approach. In most cases, it's best to call in a professional plumbing repair service. Here are four reasons why you should call a pro when you encounter a plumbing issue. 1. They Have The Right Equipment And Knowledge