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Three Signs You Need a Hot Water Replacement for Your Home

Hot water systems are a common feature of homes in Australia. Homeowners rely on these systems for everyday cleaning, bathing, and cooking. While some suggest cold water is more beneficial, it is pretty challenging to give up the soothing comfort of a hot bath. During the life of these hot water systems, it is not uncommon for them to break down. Sometimes, the damage can be easily repaired. But at other times, if the damage is extensive, you may need to have the hot water system replaced. So, how do you know that it is time to install a new system? Here are a few signs you need a hot water replacement done.

The age of your system

Hot water systems are unfortunately not built to be eternal. At one point in its lifespan, wear and tear over the years will catch up and cause the system to break down. Ideally, a quality hot water system should run adequately for the better part of a decade. Some may last longer depending on a few factors, such as the quality of water and, more importantly, regular maintenance by a professional plumber. If your system starts breaking down more often than before despite routine repairs, it is probably time to replace it. It is essential to speak to a hot water plumber to help you identify a quality system for your hot water replacement.  

Corrosion and rust in the water tank

Apart from mechanical damage, rust and corrosion are significant factors for wear to your hot water system. Rust builds up over a long period. It is pretty easy to miss, especially if you do not have the water system regularly serviced by a qualified plumber. One of the most common signs of rust is the colour of the water coming out of your shower. If it is murky and brownish, there is likely rust in your system. Have a plumber manually check the water tank for signs of rust and corrosion. Alternatively, the plumber will also check if the rust emanates from the galvanized piping. Once the affected parts are identified, a hot water replacement should be done to restore your system to proper working conditions.

Increased demand for hot water

A hot water system is usually designed and installed to serve a specific number of individuals in a home. Sometimes, the number of people in a home can grow, which means that the installed capacity of the water system may not effectively serve the home's residents. You may then need to hire a hot water replacement service. An expert plumber will design a robust system that will suit the more extensive household. In particular, the hot water replacement will help resolve the issue of water pressure, especially when more than one person is using the hot water. 

Finally, it is essential to reinforce the need for hiring a professional plumber. As you can imagine, it can be hazardous working with hot water systems since it can lead to severe burns. You can avoid these dangerous accidents by hiring a qualified hot water replacement service. 

For more information on hot water replacement, contact a professional near you.