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Are You Under Threat from Your Backyard Trees?

As you may know, if it wasn't for the humble tree the human population on this planet would not be able to survive, as a tree canopy helps to provide people with oxygen by breathing in the toxic carbon dioxide on our behalf. You may be doing your bit to enhance the tree population by maintaining some very mature examples in your back garden, and you love to simply admire them whenever you can. However, you may not realise that they are posing a risk to your pocketbook as well and that this problem is taking place out of sight and below your feet through blocked drains. Why could some of your current drainage issues be related to your magnificent oaks?

Underground Aggression

You may be proud that the trees on your property stand so tall and help to provide you with a lot of shade from the midday sun. Yet these beauties have just as much presence underground if not more and the root system can travel extensively in search of moisture. Although this process takes place over a long period, tree roots are particularly voracious and will seek out drain or sewer pipes as a plentiful source of water. They will continue to push against such a pipe and present so much pressure that, given time, they will penetrate. After that, it's only a matter of additional time until the pipe in question becomes completely overrun.

Warning Signs

If you notice that your drains are taking a long time to clear, and you can hear strange "gurgling" noises coming out of your sink as this process is taking place, then tree root issues may be in your future.

Watching the Sinkholes

Alternatively, you may walk on the grass in your back garden and feel an unusual "dip" which wasn't there before and if so, this could be the start of a sinkhole in the making. The tree roots have caused so much damage at this point that some of the soil further down has shifted and you will need extensive drainage work to help put matters right.

Calling in the Troops

A plumber will be able to send specific tools down your pipes with tiny cameras attached to survey the extent of the problem. While they will be able to fix most of the issue by rerouting and changing any damaged pipes, you may also need to call in a tree specialist to help you with that root structure.