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3 Reasons Your Water Pressure Is Too Weak

If you've recently noticed that the water stream from one or more of your taps is weaker than usual, then you might have a problem with your water pressure. If your water has slowed down or turned into a trickle, even when you fully open a tap, then something has affected the strength of its flow. Why does this happen?

1. Blockages

A weak water supply is sometimes caused by a blockage in a pipe or part of your plumbing system. These blockages can be due to mineral deposits, such as limescale, or sediment build-ups. For example, limescale in a showerhead or tap aerator can block water flow. The water can't pass through the hard limescale deposits, so your flow will be weak. Or deposits in your hot water system can block supply pipes. Here, the water pressure hasn't really changed; the water simply gets blocked by a sediment clog and can only create a weak stream.

In some cases, old pipes get blocked if they corrode inside. The corrosion makes parts of the pipe come loose. This debris can build up and cause a blockage, which stops water from flowing freely through the pipe at its normal strength.

2. Worn Out Taps

Older taps can also cause problems with water pressure. If the inner parts of a tap get stuck, damaged or move out of position, then water might not be able to flow freely through the tap. Its flow will be weaker, even if you open the tap fully. You won't get the pressure you need.

In some cases, you can fix this problem by changing the problem part. For example, if a washer is impeding your water flow, then replacing the washer should get things moving again. However, sometimes your only option is to replace the whole tap. If it has a lot of problems, this might be more cost-effective than fixing a lot of little problems that could reoccur in the future.

3. Leaks

If you have a leak in a water supply pipe, then it can't supply enough water to its tap to give you normal water flow pressure. As water feeds through the pipe, some will leak out before it reaches your tap. So you won't get the right volume of water coming through the tap. When this happens, your pipe's water stream might be slower or weaker than it should be.

If you think you have water pressure problems, then call out a local plumbing contractor. They can take a look at your problem and recommend an effective fix to get your water flowing at the right rate again.