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Common Domestic Plumbing Problems to Look Out For

As long as your plumbing system is working, you rarely think about it. But you only realise how important it is to take care of the system when you start experiencing dripping taps, clogs and slow drains. While some of these issues are due to aging, others result from negligence. 

Plumbing experts recommend having your system checked regularly to spot and fix issues early enough before they escalate. Here some of the problems that you are likely to encounter when you neglect the maintenance needs of the system.

Clogged Toilets and Drains

It is pretty easy to spot a clogged drain or toilet as it manifests through water backup. When cleaning the dishes or taking a shower, you will notice that the water does not go down the drain. The water in the toilet might back up or even overflow when there is a blockage.

You should pay attention to what goes down the drains to avoid clogging. Avoid pouring food debris into your kitchen sink and leaving hair on the shower floor. Moreover, drain covers or screens can help to prevent these substances from getting into the drain. When it comes to the toilet, do not flush paper towels, sanitary pads or anything that could potentially cause a blockage. 

Leaking Pipes and Taps

Minor leaks on the pipes and taps may seem insignificant, but they can lead to the loss of large volumes of water and high-water bills if left unchecked. Therefore, you should seek plumbing services as soon as you notice such.

Generally, your faucet contains a washer that stops water from passing through when you turn the water off. If damaged, some water will pass through, leading to leakage. The damage is caused by the stiffening, dislodging or tearing of this part. If not repaired, the issue could worsen, causing the valve to corrode. Leaking pipes mainly result from excess water pressure making the joints loose. It can be natural wear and tear in some instances. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be annoying when you need to get things done quickly. If you are experiencing this issue, it could be that your system is too old and needs a replacement. 

Apart from aging, low pressure can arise when the water main is broken, hindering ample water flow. A leaking pipe could also lead to the same issue. In other cases, it might be mineral and sediment buildup on the showerheads, taps or pipes.

These are the potential plumbing issues you might experience at one point or another. When they occur, look for plumbing services to have them fixed right away.