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Understanding Issues Which Effect Evaporative Air Conditioning Units

One of the most important aspects of owning a home is being able to stay cool in the summer. If your evaporative air conditioner suddenly breaks down, it can be really disruptive to your life. This article is a guide to evaporative air conditioning repair. It explores how to spot and diagnose issues and the steps a plumber can take to help put things right. Read on to discover just about everything you need to know.

How does an evaporative air conditioner work?

An evaporative air conditioner operates on a very simple principle. An external air conditioning unit sucks in warm air from the outside. This warm air travels through water-soaked pads which remove heat from the air before it enters your home via a system of ducts. This cycle is driven by the heat outside and the evaporation of water.

Why is my unit leaking water?

When the evaporative air conditioner is on and operating, water occasionally drips through the unit onto whatever is below it. Usually, a drip tray has been provided to catch and store this water until it evaporates. If you've forgotten to empty the drip tray and it fills up, it will drip out of the unit until the drip tray runs dry or you empty the contents. Leaving a wet air conditioner running against a wall can cause significant damage to your home so always make sure that you check for leaks and empty any water from the unit on a regular basis. By far the most common reason for a leak is that the drain valve has become clogged with dirt and debris. If this is the case, you will need to consult with a plumber as they will be able to clean out the filter and drain.

Why is my unit not providing cool air?

There may be restrictions in your ductwork or vents which reduce the flow of cool air into your home. You could also have an obstruction such as a bird's nest in your outside vent which is preventing your evaporative air conditioner from providing cooled air to the interior of your home. A plumbing contractor will be able to use a camera to inspect the ductwork attached to your AC unit. If they discover any blockages, they will remove them.

If you would like further info or advice, get in touch with a local evaporative air conditioning service today. A contractor will be happy to help.