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Know When Your Garbage Disposal Requires Professional Attention

Most homeowners know why they need a garbage disposal unit in their home, but they don't offer the proper maintenance to keep it efficient. Garbage disposal units don't fail without a reason. The worst thing you can do is guess what's caused the garbage disposal problem. It takes a competent plumber to identify the garbage disposal problems and fix them before they worsen. So what indicates you have garbage disposal problems a plumber should handle? Read on!

Weird Noises

The sound your garbage disposal system produces tells you whether it's jammed. The disposal system will make a loud sound if it's not working even though the motor is running. Most garbage disposals will jam when some items or objects get lodged in the rotating plate, also known as the 'flywheel.' You shouldn't work on the jammed flywheel before the garbage disposal is turned off and unplugged from the power source. Contacting a plumber to fix the problem is the best option since they use the right tools to dislodge anything blocking the disposal's flywheel. They then reset the garbage disposal, run some water through it and turn it on to end those weird noises.


Garbage disposals can leak from different places, depending on the magnitude of the problem. You don't handle leaks when the garbage disposal is still on. A good plumber turns the disposal mount counterclockwise to remove the unit and make the three mounting bolts visible. They then tighten them to ensure the garbage disposal doesn't leak. If the unit continues to leak, the plumber pushes the sink flange up to place it a few inches above the sink surface. They then place garbage disposal on the mount and turn it on, making it ready for use.


Clogs aren't always a confirmation of a garbage disposal problem, but most of the problems your garbage disposal system develops lead to clogs. Don't blame the garbage disposal if your kitchen sink isn't draining water properly since the problem lies with the kitchen sink pipe. Hair build-up, sediment and grease clog the kitchen sink pipe, and these kitchen clogs eventually make your garbage disposal inefficient. Some clogs won't budge after using a cup plunger, and this means you should use a snake. If you don't succeed even after using the snake, call in a plumber before some major garbage disposal problems occur.

Most people appreciate the garbage disposals they have at home after going for several days without them. Contact a plumber whenever you notice some strange signs with your plumbing. Fixing early-detected problems isn't only time-saving but also cost-effective.