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4 Reasons to Speak to a Plumber About Installing Vertical Radiators

It's hard to imagine living anywhere that regularly gets chilly without having a few radiators in the house to keep the cold at bay. It used to be that all radiators were oriented horizontally, running with their longer sides perpendicular to floor and ceiling. Those radiators work great, but what people are now starting to see more of is the vertical radiator – these are longer and often a little thinner, and they reach up the wall instead of across it.

At first, vertical radiators might seem like an odd idea, but here are just four reasons why you should speak to your plumber about installing a few.

1. Make the Most of Wall Space

In most homes, people aren't making full use of their vertical wall space. It isn't hard to see why – while floor space can be used for many things, you can only really hang pictures and put shelves on your walls. The upper sections usually go blank, so why not make the most of your vertical wall space by installing a vertical radiator? They're a particularly good fit in older properties with taller ceilings but smaller rooms.

2. Free Up Your Interior

An added benefit of using up more vertical wall space with your radiators is freeing up the design of your home. Most people have known the frustration of trying to fit their furnishings around a radiator. You might find the perfect place for a TV, but there's a radiator against the wall. You might want a sofa against the window, but you can't because there's a radiator there. While vertical radiators still need to be worked around, it's much easier to work around a slimmer profile.

3. Great for Drying and Warming Clothes

While some vertical radiators are solid units, many of them are made from several connected tubes – you'll often see these in bathrooms. The great thing about such designs is that they offer an ideal place to dry or warm your clothes. You can hang anything from your PJs before going to bed, to wet jeans and jacket after coming in out of the rain.

4. Eye-Catching Style

Even disregarding the practical benefits offered by vertical radiators, they'd be worth getting purely for their cool modern design and eye-catching style. You'll probably be one of the first people you know to get one, and you can find them in numerous unique styles to ensure your home stands out and reflects your personality. Since they're more visible than horizontal radiators, they can be used to make a statement as well as provide heat.