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Six Questions When Choosing a Blocked Drain Repairs Service

Whether at home or work, blocked drains are an unpleasant inconvenience at the best of times. For most busy homeowners and staff, the frustration of a toilet that does not flush properly or a sink that drains slowly is unwelcome. These symptoms are classic indications that the kitchen or bathroom drain piping system has a blockage that is stopping wastewater from leaving as it should, especially if there are any unusual smells.  

Unfortunately, blocked drains can happen at any time — and, according to Murphy's Law, when least convenient. At these times, the quality of a drain repair service counts – its responsiveness, its expertise and its ability to resolve the problem efficiently. But what are the points to check? Here, take a look at six questions that will indicate whether a company is right for the job.  

1. What blocked drain repairs services are available?

Cleaning and unblocking may solve the problem this week (or month), but longer-term solutions are required. In addition to high-pressure jetting to remove blockages, check if the company specialises in CCTV inspections, in case it becomes necessary to assess the condition of the piping.

2. Does the company use the latest drain equipment?

The latest technology allows fast, efficient and convenient pipe repairs if they are necessary.  Special waterproof CCTV cameras with inbuilt depth and position detectors diagnose drainage problems swiftly, while new pipe relining and repair techniques employ an inflatable bladder to apply pressure while an epoxy structural repair cures properly. The result? Imagine: minimal disruption and no damaged floors, gardens or landscapes. Seamless relining means a straightforward solution — even at junctions — and usually without digging.

3. Will the drain be thoroughly cleared for the price quoted?

Repair quotations that seem cheap could cost more in the long run.

4. How much are the charges for callout, labour and material(s)?  

Pricing should be transparent and easy to understand; look for clear pricing with no hidden extras. A blocked drain need not turn into a financial disaster; a good company will give a free quotation or estimate for the work to be carried out. Check whether there are extra charges if the work takes longer than initially expected.    

5. What options are there for a permanent solution?"

Tree roots can intrude into the piping. The roots will require cutting, jetting away and removal of the source of the problem to restore wastewater flow fully and prevent any recurrence.

6. Is there a guarantee?

For peace of mind and value for money, look for a warranty.  Also, a reputable business will be suitably licensed and have full public liability cover.  Lastly, genuine customer testimonials speak volumes.

In summary, the latest techniques can minimise the impact, inconvenience and cost of blocked drain repairs. The cheapest quote may end up costing more, whereas following these guidelines should give the best results.