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Dealing With Stormwater Runoff

During torrential rain, water which runs off concrete or asphalted areas can collect on your property, causing it to flood. If your home or the surrounding land is affected by stormwater runoff, this can cause a number of issues. Please read on to find out how you can reduce the risk of flooding caused by stormwater runoff.

Cut back on the amount of asphalt and concrete

One of the main causes of flooding during severe weather is the fact that asphalt or concrete cover a large area of your property. Asphalt and concrete cannot absorb water, which means that they prevent moisture from soaking into the soil beneath. You can solve this problem by replacing concrete paving stones with pavers, which have a small runoff space which allows water to reach the ground. Another good solution is to use wood chips or gravel on the drive and walkways around your property, which will allow rainwater to filter through to the ground.

Install a heavy-duty drain 

A heavy-duty drain is designed to capture any runoff water and to allow it to wash into the municipal sewer system. Heavy-duty drains feature large pipes which mean the drainage system can deal with the massive amounts of water which are deposited during a severe storm. If you opt to install a heavy-duty drain, a plumbing contractor will lay foundations to make sure that the pipes are properly supported. This often takes the form of compacting the soil at the bottom of the pipe trench. The heavy-duty pipes are then laid down and connected to the sewer system.

Make sure your flat roof has sufficient drainage

If you do not have sufficient drainage during very heavy rain, you may find that water begins to collect on the surface of your roof. The weight of the water can result in severe structural damage to your home, which could result in flooding. To prevent this, you should carry out regular inspections of the guttering and drainage systems on your flat roof. If you notice that water is beginning to collect on the roof, you should call in a roofing contractor who will be able to assess the issue and carry out any necessary repairs.

If you would like further advice about how you can cope with a large amount of stormwater runoff on your property, you should call in a professional plumber contractor for further information and assistance.