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Warning Signs Your Plumbing Has Been Exposed To Root Intrusion

Although trees boost the kerb appeal of your property, the development of untamed roots can become a serious threat to your plumbing system. This potential for damage is particularly high with old residences that have earthenware plumbing, which can easily break if exposed to high impact. However, since the roots and pipes are out sight, some homeowners may not be aware that they have developed blocked drains due to roots penetrating their sewer lines. As a result, by the time they are addressing the issue, it would have escalated into a plumbing emergency, most commonly in the form of a burst pipe. The following are some of the warning signs indicating your plumbing has been exposed to root intrusion.

There is backflow in your residential drainage

The primary function of your sewer lines is to ensure all waste is adequately directed away from your residence. This wastewater will include sewerage as well as gray water that comes about from bathing, doing laundry and washing your dishes. If your sewer lines have been exposed to root intrusion, the waste matter will gradually become trapped inside the sewer lines. This clogging will then cause a backflow of your wastewater back into your home. You may then start to notice bubbling in your drains or dirty water rising.

Foul smells are pervading your residence

Another warning sign of potential root intrusion is unexplainable foul odours in your home. Since your sewer lines are responsible for taking waste away from the property, any malfunctions in the plumbing could impede on the appropriate disposal of this waste. As a result, you would start to notice strong odours coming from your drains, which would eventually engulf your entire home. It should be noted that if only one drain, for example, your kitchen sink, has this problem, chances are the blockage is exclusive to that piping. However, if the foul smells are coming from multiple drains, the problem is most likely with your sewer line.  

Sinkholes are forming in your yard

When root intrusion occurs, your sewer lines will steadily leak water. Although the problem may initially be undetectable, you will gradually notice that parts of your garden are always muddy, which would indicate that they are being saturated with excessive moisture. If the over-saturation is left unchecked, the earth will gradually start to shift from the prolonged wetness, creating visible indentations on your property. It would be in your best interests to have a plumber inspect the sewer lines for root intrusion.

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